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Dog Bite Attorney Miami

According to genetic evidence, dogs separated from their ancestors, wolves, between 27,000 and 40,000 years ago. Today, they are man’s best friends and much loved, particularly in America, where they are considered part of their families. In Miami, for instance, at least one in five Miamians wakes up to a dog companion every day. Of course, owning them comes with a couple of perks, including health benefits. They can help reduce loneliness and alleviate anxiety, stress, and depression, but at the same time, they are potential hazards.

Most dog owners understand the risks and take the responsibility of monitoring and training their pets, and hold licenses where necessary. However, in some cases, negligence occurs, and severe dog bites result. Recent statistics in the US indicate that about 4.5 million bites occur every year, and about 800,000 of the victims require medical attention.

Some negligent owners accept liability but often fight to evade liability or downplay victims for a meager settlement. That’s where an animal bite lawyer in Miami FL can help you. If you or someone you love suffers a canine attack, you have a right to hold the dog owner responsible, and our dog bite attorney in Miami can help you. We know the aftermath of a canine attack can be devastating, and our Miami dog bite lawyer team understands that the journey to recovery can be traumatic. You can seek free legal advice and get the assistance of a respected animal bite lawyer in Miami FL.

Common Causes of Canine Bites in Miami

Miami is home to furry friends. The city has struggled in the past with animal overpopulation. The dog bites problem spreads across the neighborhoods. But what exactly triggers a dog to bite or attack? Here are some of the common causes.

  • Mistreating or abusing dogs
  • Chaining dogs
  • Trying to separate dog fights
  • Irritating canines during their meals of playtime
  • Protecting another person from a potential dog bite
  • Leaving children alone with dogs
  • Touching unwilling dogs

Possible Injuries from Dog Attacks

Typically, dogs can injure any part of the human body. Many attacks result in hospitalizations due to physical injuries and, in some cases, infections caused by dog bites. Severe cases can result in thousands of dollars in medical expenses. It may take the intervention of a dog bite attorney in Miami to get a fair settlement in a Miami court.

Serious head injuries can include a fractured skull, injured eyes, or severely bitten face that may necessitate stitching or surgery to treat visible scars. Also, some dogs attack with a magnitude that can cause internal injuries to the arms, legs, and torso. Regardless of the amount of damage inflicted on you or your loved one, our animal bite lawyer Miami FL can help you pursue the proper compensation.

Determining Dog Bite Liability

Generally, pet owners are responsible for the actions of their animals. However, in Florida, there is a specific law regarding the liability for dog bites. The Florida Statutes Code § 767.04 provide that dog owners are personally liable for the injuries caused by their pets, provided that the animal attacked them while the victim was on public property or lawfully on private property. Lawfully, being on personal property includes if the victim was on the dog owner’s premises.

However, owners’ liability can be exempted or reduced if they have a sign on the property indicating there are dangerous dogs, although the provision does not apply where victims are under the age of six. Other instances where a victim is also deemed liable for the bite and shares liability include:

  • When the victim provoked the dog. Owners can use this basis as defense and possibly avoid or reduce liability.
  • When the victim ignored the warning signs provided.

The state law provides that owners of dangerous dogs should register them with the relevant authorities and have them in a secure place with all entrances marked with clear warning signs. They should also keep the dogs restrained when out of these areas.

In Florida, your dog bite attorney Miami does not need to prove that the defendant knew about their dog’s dangerous behavior for them to be held liable like in other states. They need to show their client suffered damages due to a dog attack. Here, the theory of strict liability applies, unlike in other states.

Talk to a Miami Dog Bite Lawyer Today for a Free Consultation

The case of a dog bite and the potential defenses can be difficult to comprehend, especially amid the traumatic experience of a severe dog attack. Our experienced animal bite lawyer Miami FL can help you understand your possible causes of action and the possible defenses that can deny you compensation. Our Miami dog bite lawyers have years of legal experience practicing as the premier dog bite attorney in Miami, and they have what it takes to help you.

To understand better how you can pursue a dog bite claim for compensation, contact us today to schedule your free consultation with a qualified dog bite attorney in Miami.

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