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Miami Personal Injury Law Firm

Have you recently been hurt due to the negligence or poor actions of a property owner, vehicle driver, pet owner, product manufacturer, hospital, or doctor?

If so, our Miami personal injury law firm can help you hold the wrongful party accountable for their misconduct. We can ensure that they compensate you for the full extent of harm that they have caused. Our personal injury law firm in Miami can handle many different injuries such as:

Get the Compensation You Truly Deserve with a Miami Personal Injury Law Firm

A severe injury can often take weeks or months of follow-up visits and care to fix. They can send you to the doctor’s or even the hospital if they are bad enough. If your injuries were brought on by someone else’s negligence, you should never have to pay for prescriptions, medical bills, or physical therapy.

After your accident, if you were forced to miss work, recover from your injuries, or go to the doctor/hospital, the loss of income can be an awful thing for your household. Physical pain, emotional distress, suffering, consortium, and loss of enjoyment can result from the other party’s misconduct.

That is why you deserve compensation for all of the damages to make up for what you have been through. You need a personal injury law firm in Miami to back you up and get you the compensation you truly deserve. After all, getting paid for the full value of your claim can be an uphill battle.

Here are some of the common tactics used by insurance companies and the way our Miami personal injury law firm can help.

Disputing fault

One underhanded trick that insurance companies will try to pull on everyone is when they shift the blame for the accident onto the injured party. For example, if the other driver was the one at fault while speeding, they will try to claim that you were on your phone. Or, if you suffered a slip and fall accident because the property owner didn’t clean up a spill, the insurance company will most likely try to pin it on you by claiming that you weren’t watching where you were going.

If any blame is assigned to you, it will greatly reduce the amount of compensation you receive. On top of that, if you are considered to be 50% or more at fault, then you won’t be able to recover from the other party at all. Luckily, our very experienced personal injury law firm in Miami can conduct the right investigation to gather all the facts.

We will even go as far as to hire accident reconstruction experts to show who was truly in the wrong. After all, the insurance company is unable to have the last word on who is truly at fault. If necessary, we will even take your case to trial to avoid you being saddled with the blame.

Asking for statements

From the first call to the insurance company to actually reporting the accident, every time you speak to the insurance company, they will ask you for a recorded statement. They say it will speed up the process in order to get you paid faster. However, what they are actually doing is trying to coax you into providing inconsistent statements.

They can then use any inconsistencies to avoid liability. When you hire a Miami personal injury law firm, we will handle all of the communications with the insurance company on your behalf. This way, you won’t have to deal with any of the stress or worry about saying the wrong thing to jeopardize your case.

Our personal injury law firm in Miami can handle this professionally for you based on our years of professional experience.

Sending you money

You may think that getting a check from the insurance company. However, our personal injury law firm in Miami knows that this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, they will choose to lowball your offer in order to get you to settle the case.

Often, you will end up being vastly underpaid. However, you won’t often find out until it is too late most of the time which means you can’t do anything about it. They may often periodically send you small checks for small aspects which leads you to believe that you will eventually be paid in full.

What they are often doing is drawing the case past the two-year statute of limitations to file a lawsuit. Once this time has passed, the checks will stop and you will be left unable to sue, and completely unpaid. They will often use other stalling tactics such as requests for medical records, calls for status updates, and making you think that they are actually working on your case.

People who don’t go with a Miami personal injury law firm are often offered far less compensation. With Durham Law Group here to help you out, insurance companies won’t bother with these games. Don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Need Help from a Personal Injury Law Firm in Miami?

If another person’s negligence has resulted in an injury from a motor vehicle accident, workplace accident, slip and fall, or other personal injury insurance, get in touch with a Miami personal injury law firm you can trust.

Here at Durham Law Group, we always go the extra mile. Call us today at (305) 913-8913 for a free consultation with an experienced and successful personal injury attorney. We are free to take your call at any time of the day or night. If you can’t travel to our offices, we’ll come to you.

In fact, we can even handle your case as remotely as necessary for public health and safety.

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