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Miami Slip and Fall Lawyer

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 1,100 fatal injuries in the construction industry alone in 2019. Slips and falls were the most frequent, accounting for 37.9% of fatalities. Surprisingly, this represented a 22.9% increase from the slip and fall fatalities recorded in the previous year. In Miami, slip and fall injuries represent one of the premises liability claims that one can make against property owners.

However, many renters and other authorized property users struggle to get in the way of service or have property owners accept liability. In most cases, landlords or employers who refuse liability take advantage of the victims’ inability to take legal action. They neglect their responsibility of proper property maintenance and other OSHA standards, and that’s why every victim needs a slip and fall attorney in Miami.

If you or someone you know has been a slip and fall injury victim, you can ask a Miami slip and fall lawyer for assistance. Some property owners may accept liability after the accident, but having the best slip and fall attorney in Miami beside you can give you the peace of mind you need for recovery.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Slips and trips can happen just anywhere, and they have a wide range of causes. Whether you are at your rental home, the grocery store, your place of work, or at the supermarket, you can slip and fall and suffer some life-threatening injuries. In the United States, the Department of Labor provides a guideline for employers and property owners on the steps to keep the workplace safe to reduce slip and fall risks. The best slip and fall attorney in Miami understands the various provisions and can help you establish if you are entitled to monetary compensation.

Wet or Slippery Floors

A wet floor can result from a spill that was left unattended, a leak from a water pipe or other fluid, or accumulated snow. Also, some floors are naturally slippery, depending on the nature of the material used. For instance, tiled, polished stone, and glass floors are slippery, and property owners in such spaces have the responsibility to install proper and clear warning signs. In addition, employers have the duty of ensuring floors remain dry.

Uneven Surfaces

Uneven surfaces can take the form of:

  •         Poorly done staircases
  •         Cluttered floors or pathways
  •         Sidewalk or parking lot potholes
  •         Defective floors and sidewalks, or
  •         Torn carpets

There can be uneven surfaces of other nature, resulting in slip and fall in residential and commercial spaces. While it is the responsibility of employers or property owners to ensure the surroundings are safe for use, everyone has to keep the areas around them uncluttered and safe for all.

Improper Training

Inadequate or improper training is a common cause of slip and fall accidents, especially in construction. Employees require proper training on the use of equipment. Training is a critical requirement in the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health’s guidelines on avoiding slip and fall accidents. Employees should train their teams on identifying special task force (STF) hazards and how to prevent the dangers by following safe procedures.

Bad Weather

Change in weather conditions is natural, and there is nothing property owners and employers can do to prevent bad weather. It’s a leading cause of slip and fall accidents resulting from slips and trips caused by snow and rainwater on floors, pathways, and parking lots. However, it is the responsibility of building owners and municipalities to mitigate the effects of bad weather and provide a safe space for users.

They have to shovel the snow, dry rainwater on pavements and floors, and ensure a good roof prevents leaks and flooding. If you slip and fall on an ice-covered pavement or wet floor at your workplace, a Miami slip and fall lawyer can advise you on what you should do.

Poor Lighting

Poor or inadequate lighting can cause a slip, trip, and fall accident in two senses.

  •         It can conceal an existing potential cause of a slip and fall hazard like a wet floor
  •         It can make a safe property dangerous due to invisibility or poor visibility

It can result from several factors such as a poorly designed property or lack of light bulbs in spaces such as parking lots or pavements. These can result from maintenance negligence by employers and property owners, but a slip and fall attorney in Miami can help you determine liability.

Injuries in a Slip and Fall Accident

Most slip and fall accidents are unexpected, and victims suffer injuries. Damage level varies based on the victim’s age, the cause of the fall, and the extent of the slip and the fall. In most cases, the resulting physical and financial damage can be notable, as the victims may become incapacitated partially or permanently. It is thus essential to seek the help of a slip and fall attorney in Miami.

Here are some of the common injuries suffered by victims.

  •         Shoulder, elbow, ankles, and wrist injuries
  •         Severe cuts on the legs, hands, knee, or another part of the body
  •         Head or neck injuries
  •         Broken or fractured bones
  •         Back and spinal cord injuries
  •         Concussions resulting from head injuries or hitting the ground with the head/traumatic brain injury
  •         Soft tissue injury
  •         Hip bone fractures
  •         Broken or twisted hands or legs

Have you suffered any of these injuries in a slip and fall accident? Contact a slip and fall attorney in Miami for assistance.

Examples of Negligence in Miami Slip and Fall Accidents

If you have been a victim of a slip and fall accident, the chances are high it resulted from someone else’s negligence. Our Miami slip and fall lawyers can help you with the lawsuit and pursue your rightful compensation. Some examples of negligent actions that may apply in slip and fall lawsuits include:

  1.   Poor choice of flooring material in the workplace
  2.   Failure to install clear warning signs about slippery floors
  3.   Failure to clear potential slip and fall hazards caused by bad weather
  4.   Failure to install or maintain proper lighting on residential or commercial apartments
  5.   Failure to provide employees with proper training on the use of the equipment and how to avoid slip and fall hazards
  6.   Failure to provide the proper footwear or other protective attire to protect against slip and fall
  7.   Failure to install handrails

Most of these negligent actions may seem quite obvious, but it can be difficult to prove them on your own in a court of law. It is always wise to seek the guidance of a Miami slip and fall lawyer, even where liability is apparent.

Contact a Miami Slip and Fall Lawyer

The aftermath of a slip and fall accident can be devastating. A considerable percentage of slip and fall victims seek medical attention, and some cases can be fatal. It can be challenging for victims or loved ones to focus their efforts on pursuing a remedy, and that’s why a Miami slip and fall lawyer by your side is a valuable asset. Our slip and fall attorneys in Miami understand your situation and are willing to help you pursue justice while focusing on healing.

We have a team of some of the best slip and fall attorneys in Miami who are qualified to take on any slip and fall lawsuit. The Miami slip and fall lawyer handling your case can help you understand all your possible causes of action and the potential defenses that the defendant can use against you. We ensure you work with the best slip and fall attorney in Miami and uniquely treat your case.

Talk to the best slip and fall attorney in Miami today to better understand your slip and fall accident claim options.

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