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Miami Truck Accident Lawyer

There is no denying that sharing the road with large commercial trucks can be quite overwhelming and frightening at times. If you have ever pulled up alongside one in a small car and felt quite vulnerable, you’re not alone. In fact, large trucks often outweigh passenger cars by at least twenty times! Large semi trucks have a gross vehicle weight rating of over 80,000 pounds fully loaded and weigh 25,000 pounds unloaded.

With these vast differences in weight between a small car versus a large truck, these large vehicles take far longer to stop and can be a real challenge to maneuver. When trucks become involved in hazardous collisions, truck drivers are often very lucky and are typically uninjured. However, these accidents can often prove deadly for those unlucky enough to drive smaller vehicles.

Unfortunately, truck accidents are increasing in America. While other types of vehicle accidents are dropping, trucks are causing chaos on the roads. In 2019, both truck occupants and people in other vehicles involved in crashes died more than they did in 2018.

In fact, large truck collisions kill thousands of people. Around two in three of those individuals are those in smaller passenger vehicles. On top of this, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and cyclists also account for a percentage of the victim which is why you need to speak to a Miami truck accident attorney if you are involved in a truck accident.

Have you been involved in a crash involving a truck that left you with injuries? If so, the resulting consequences have likely been devastating. Though, this means that you may be able to collect compensation for your injuries and property damages with the help of a Miami truck accident lawyer.

A Miami accident attorney can also help you collect compensation for your pain and suffering. To learn more about your rights and collecting compensation, contact Durham Law Group today. We can set you up with a Miami trucking accident lawyer that can help you navigate the legal system and understand your rights.

Call us today at (305) 913-8913 for a free consultation with a dedicated Miami truck accident lawyer. We have a Miami trucking accident lawyer for every situation.

Drivers in Large Trucks

Large trucks often present many different risks to other road users. In fact, the vehicles themselves are extremely hazardous to every other motorcyclist, passenger, driver, and pedestrians on the road. Even the smallest error as a driver can result in fatal or life-changing consequences.

However, trucks themselves are not just the sole risk factor presented by commercial trucks. Drivers who have to drive these trucks often work long hours and get very tired. While the legal shift for truck drivers if eleven hours, most of them go over this timeframe.

Even when truck drivers stay within the eleven hour driving limit, operating a large truck (such as a semi truck) can still be difficult for drivers. Studies actually show that after only eight hours behind the wheel, the chances of a crash occurring almost doubles.

Operating a commercial truck comes with the added responsibility of reaching the destination in a timely fashion. All of these variables can coalesce into a trucking accident for even the most experienced driver. This is where a Miami truck accident lawyer can help you. A good Miami trucking accident attorney can get you all of the compensation you need.

A Miami Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You with Negligence and Liability in Truck Crashes

A Miami truck accident lawyer can help you with many things when it comes to accidents involving a truck. This includes negligence and liability. In order to successfully sue another driver, you need to have a good Miami truck accident attorney and the ability to show that the other motorist was the one being negligent.

Negligence as a driver occurs when a person fails to behave reasonably. It is possible to recover from your injuries, even if you are at fault. You need to ensure that you speak to a Miami truck accident attorney to get the best out of your claim.

Here at Durham Law Group, we have a dedicated Miami trucking accident lawyer for every situation. Our team understands the importance of your crash claim. Accidents can be extremely devastating for victims and their families. Call us today at (305) 913-8913 to speak to a Miami trucking accident lawyer.

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