Each case is different and has a unique process, but with patience and a good attorney, you can rest assured that Durham Law Group, P.C. is fighting for you, and that you will get the results that you deserve.

Step One: Submit

After submitting your case to Durham Law Group P.C., you will speak with friendly and professional staff that will take your call and transfer you to an attorney who gathers all preliminary information to provide you with the correct next steps.

Once our office evaluates your case, you will then meet face-to-face with your attorney.

Step Two: Meet with your Attorney

You will come into the office, if able, to meet with your attorney. In the event that your personal injury prevents you from coming to the office, we will come to your location.

During this meeting you will sign all necessary paperwork to establish the attorney-client relationship.

Step Three: Insurance Communication

Once you become a client, you are assigned a case manager who will gather all necessary documents to successfully pursue your claim. This may include, police reports, witness statements, surveillance videos.

Durham Law Group, P.C. is diligent in regularly updating you to make sure you are always aware of the progress of your case, and to make sure you are always protected from the insurance company.

Step Four: Medical Attention

You connect with your doctor according to the symptoms of your personal injury. Your doctor will give you a physical evaluation and create a treatment plan for you. Your doctor will also discuss payment options available to you. Most doctors in good faith will extend their services to you under “Attorney Lien”. Thus, allowing you to obtain the necessary treatment for your recovery, without any upfront costs.

During your treatment, your doctor will relay your medical information back to your attorney as we build your case.

Once you have completed your medical treatment, Durham Law Group, P.C. will request all medical records, bills, and reports to determine the extent of damages.

Step Five: Settlement or Trial

Durham Law Group, P.C. will develop and submit a “Demand Package” to the insurance company. Under Georgia law the insurance company will be allowed 30 days to review our demand package and submit an offer.

If the offer from the insurance company remains inadequate Durham Law Group, P.C. will file a lawsuit. Your case will then move on to the court process.

You receive periodical updates from your attorney to ensure there is always an open line of communication.