Someone is Always Watching-Fraudulent Claims Lead to Spiked Insurance Premiums

Florida woman, Sheyla White, fraudulently filed a worker’s comp claim for head injuries when a sprinkler fell from her office ceiling. After investigation of her claim, this camera proved the sprinkler never made contact with the woman, instead she began to hit herself with the fallen sprinkler. She was fired from her job, and convicted of fraud.

A significant percentage of insurance premium increase is to help cover losses due to insurance fraud. In the United States, insurance fraud accounts for approximately $30 billion in lost revenue for the insurance industry. Unfortunately for the consumer, that money has to come from somewhere, which is part of the reason for insurance premium increases.

Consumers can help their own causes by becoming familiar with insurance fraud and learning how to report it. Stopping insurance fraud can lead to lower insurance premiums, which affects every consumer directly.

Click the link below to view the Florida woman in action:

Someone is Always Watching!

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