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5 Things to Know about Medical Malpractice in Georgia

Medical negligence or medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in America—after heart disease and cancer. Medical errors result in approximately 250,000 deaths each year, but only 15% of personal injury lawsuits filed annually involve medical malpractice claims. Furthermore, 80% of these personal injury lawsuits end with no...
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Auto Insurance Bills Skyrocket in Georgia

Georgia led the nation with the highest increase in personal auto insurance rates in 2016, according to a new analysis but rising rates is nothing new for the state’s drivers. Georgia ranked either first or second nationally for increases in the three previous years, too. However, State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens said...
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Stolen Dreams of an Aspiring Artist

Atlanta, Georgia is largely renowned as the hip-hop capital of the world.  Some notable artists who began their careers in Atlanta include Outkast, Gucci Mane, T.I., Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Jermaine Dupree, Usher, Ciara, and CeeLo Green.  Many artists from Atlanta have found success in the music industry and have extended that...
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Murder by Words-The Guilty Texter

Michelle Carter was found guilty  involuntary manslaughter after a few texts and a single phone call led her friend, Conrad Roy III, to commit suicide. As Mr. Roy stepped out of the truck he had filled with lethal fumes, Ms. Carter told him over the phone to get back in...
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Sweeping ruling says state cannot be sued without its consent

The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday ruled that the state is immune from lawsuits that challenge the constitutionality of statutes passed by the General Assembly. “Simply put, the constitutional doctrine of sovereign immunity forbids our courts to entertain a lawsuit against the State without its consent,” Justice Keith Blackwell wrote...
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