Rollover Accidents

Victims of vehicle rollover accidents experience one of the most terrifying experiences imaginable, often with grim results. Fortunately, rollover crashes don’t happen very often compared to other types of car accidents, yet the risk of catastrophic injury or worse in a rollover is very high. Only three percent of auto accidents involve a rollover, but these types of accidents account for 30% of deaths from all vehicle accidents. If you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one in a rollover accident, it can be difficult to bear the financial and emotional costs that follow. An experienced Atlanta rollover accident attorney at the Durham Law Group can help you identify the party responsible for the crash and recover a significant amount of compensation to deal with these losses. Call our office in Atlanta for an initial consultation at no charge to find out how we can help you and your family move forward after such a terrible experience.

Causes of Rollover Crashes in Atlanta

Rollover accidents are rare and only tend to happen when a number of different factors come together to cause these tragic events. Contact your Atlanta rollover accident attorney at Durham Law Group if you’ve experienced any of the following:

T-bone Accidents

When a car gets struck violently in a side-impact or broadside collision by a car, truck or SUV traveling at high speeds, the struck vehicle can get pushed laterally for several feet and flip over sideways.

Evasive Maneuvers

If a driver jerks the wheel violently to one side, the vehicle’s center of gravity can shift to one side and roll over. This can happen when a driver reacts to avoid a collision with another car veering into its lane. This type of crash is known as a “phantom car” accident when another car causes a rollover without actually striking another vehicle. Turning sharply to avoid an object that suddenly falls from a truck bed’s unsecured load is another reason a driver might wind up rolling the vehicle in an attempt to avoid a crash.

Automotive Defects

Any vehicle could potentially roll over if certain conditions are present, but some cars and trucks are more prone to rollover than others. Some SUVs, for instance, are built very tall, with a high center of gravity sitting atop a narrow wheelbase. Auto manufacturers should consider a vehicle’s crashworthiness when designing a new car, pickup truck or SUV. An automobile that rolls over too easily could be considered defectively designed, and the automaker might be liable if an avoidable rollover occurs.

Installing the wrong tires on a car can also make it more likely to rollover. The wrong tires can grip the road too tightly, building up lateral forces that pull the car to one side. Tire sellers and installers could be responsible for choosing the wrong tire for the climate or level of performance and making the car less safe than it should be.

If a car rolls completely over or lands on its top, the occupants risk severe injury or death from a roof crush injury. Although rollovers are rare events, they do occur, and automakers are aware of this potentiality. Auto manufacturers that skimp on materials in the roof of the car may be creating a defect regarding the vehicle’s crashworthiness in a rollover.

Road Defects

A car can roll over if it hits a “trip” in the road. A trip can be any number of features that a car encounters on the road, including a curb, pothole, guardrail or unpaved shoulder. Hitting one of these spots can pull the tires sharply to one side, instigating a rollover. The faster the vehicle is traveling, the more likely the car is to roll over after encountering a trip in the road. If the road was defectively designed with sharp turns and soft shoulders or is negligently maintained, the government agency responsible for building or maintaining the road might bear some responsibility for a rollover accident that was otherwise avoidable.

Call Durham Law Group Attorneys After a Rollover Accident in Atlanta

At the Durham Law Group, P.C., our Atlanta auto accident attorneys conduct a thorough investigation into the cause of a rollover crash, including hiring engineering experts as necessary to understand what went wrong and why. We’ll fight to hold all responsible parties accountable to obtain the maximum compensation available and so that you know justice was done in your case. If you’ve been hurt in an Atlanta rollover accident or lost a loved one to a rollover crash in the greater Atlanta area, call Durham Law Group for a no-cost consultation at 404-845-3434. We’ll meet with you at no charge and only charge a fee if we are successful in recovering compensation for you.

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