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According to a 2020 report by MoneyWise, Georgia ranks as the 11th worst state in the nation for dog bites, with 448 dog bite claims to insurers in one year, averaging $33,430 each and totaling $15 million. Any dog bite or animal attack, even if the physical injury is minor, can be terrifying and emotionally traumatizing. Tragically, severe physical injuries can and do often occur from dog bites, including infections, facial lacerations, crushing bone fractures, nerve injuries, permanent scarring, and disfigurement. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), millions of people are bitten every year, with hundreds of thousands requiring medical attention. The CDC ranks dog bites as a leading cause of nonfatal injury in the United States. Dozens of people also die every year from animal bites.

Georgia’s laws on dog bites and animal attacks hold the animal’s owner liable to the victim, but only under certain circumstances, and the burden falls on the victim to prove the owner’s liability. An experienced Atlanta dog bite attorney can help with that. At the Durham Law Group, P.C., our dedicated dog bite attorneys in Atlanta GA know the nuances of dog bite laws and know how to build a strong case proving the dog owner’s liability. We’ll fight to get you the compensation you need and deserve after being attacked and bitten by a dog or other animal through no fault of your own.

It can take months to recover from a serious dog bite, and the physical damage and psychological trauma can last for years or permanently. Let us help you recover a significant amount of compensation to help you cope with the harm done to you or a member of your family. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog or some other animal in Atlanta, call Durham Law Group at 404-845-3434 to discuss your case with a skilled and dedicated Atlanta dog bite attorney.

Facts About Georgia Dog Bite Law and How Our Atlanta Dog Bite Lawyers Can Help

Georgia’s dog bite law applies not just to dogs but to a “vicious or dangerous animal of any kind.” Animal owners are liable for bites or other harm, such as knock-downs, caused by their animal through the owner’s “careless management” or by allowing the animal to go at liberty. In Georgia, it is sufficient to show the animal was off-leash or not at heel when required by law to hold the owner accountable.

This liability is not absolute. The victim needs to prove that the owner was negligent, and owners can escape liability if they can show that the victim provoked the attack. These two factors can combine to create a significant challenge for the victim. An experienced dog bite lawyer can help. At Durham Law Group, our Atlanta dog bite attorneys have a long record of success helping people injured by the negligence of others, including a six-figure recovery in a dog bite case. We thoroughly investigate the facts surrounding the incident along with the medical evidence to build a strong case proving the other party’s liability for the full extent of damages caused. At the same time, we defend our clients from claims they provoked the attack or engaged in other behavior that might diminish the dog owner’s responsibility to fully compensate the victim.

Animal bite cases can be difficult to prove, depending on the animal involved, the behavior of the owner, the age of the victim, and other factors. When the victim knows the owner as a friend or family member, the victim might feel strange about bringing a claim or filing a lawsuit. Remember, the owner’s homeowner’s, renter’s or other insurance coverage will pay the damages in most instances; that’s what insurance is for. A claim involving a family member or friend does not have to damage your relationship. The owner probably feels bad about what happened and knows you deserve to be compensated. You shouldn’t have to be responsible for medical bills and other damages for an injury that wasn’t your fault. Contact an Atlanta dog bite law firm today!

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The Durham Law Group dog bite attorneys in Atlanta GA have particular expertise when it comes to animal bite cases. If you or a loved one has been bitten or attacked by a dog or other animal in Atlanta, call Durham Law Group at 404-845-3434 for a free consultation with an experienced and compassionate Atlanta dog bite lawyer.

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