Medical Malpractice

Before you receive medical treatment, the doctor is supposed to get your informed consent to treat you. Informed consent means you’ve been told about both the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment, as well as the risks and benefits of alternatives, including the alternative of doing nothing. Medical treatment is not without risks, but if you believe the potential benefits outweigh the risks, you’ll consent to the treatment. For some forms of treatment, such as surgery, you’ll put your consent in writing.

No medical procedure is risk-free, and a positive outcome cannot be guaranteed. If a treatment or procedure was ineffective, or if you came out of it worse off than before, even with a serious injury, how can you know whether your injury is the result of a medical mistake committed by the doctor, nurse, or some other medical professional? As a patient, you can’t know if medical negligence was committed in your case. Figuring this out requires both medical and legal expertise. This is where Atlanta medical malpractice firms can help.

At the Durham Law Group, our Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys have the legal expertise and work with qualified medical experts to determine whether malpractice likely occurred in a given case. If it did, we’ll go to work building a strong case that proves the liability of the doctor or hospital for the full extent of your damages. Backed by extensive litigation experience across many different areas, our lawyers are well-positioned to negotiate a favorable settlement on your behalf or try your case to a jury verdict when necessary to get the best result. Don’t settle for any of the Atlanta medical malpractice firms in the area. If you believe that you or a loved one may be the victim of a medical mistake, call the Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys at Durham Law Group for a no-cost, confidential consultation.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Doctors are required to perform with the care and competence expected of a member of their profession in the same community and the same field of practice. From general practitioners to neurosurgeons, all doctors and health care professionals have a standard of care they are expected to meet. Performing medicine negligently, incompetently, or otherwise below the applicable standard amounts to medical malpractice. Doctors and hospitals can and should be held accountable for their medical mistakes and the serious harm they cause, but accomplishing this feat isn’t easy. Complex medical malpractice claims require diligence, tenacity and expertise. The Atlanta medical malpractice lawyers at Durham Law Group are prepared to take on any medical malpractice case, no matter how complicated. Below are some of the cases are firm is ready to accept.

Surgery Errors

Surgical mistakes include incompetence or errors during the procedure that results in a nicked organ, nerve or artery. Other surgical errors include leaving behind surgical instruments (clamps, sponges) sewn up inside a patient. Surgery mistakes even include operating on the wrong side of the body or performing the wrong surgery on the wrong patient. These mistakes sound outrageous, and they are. Errors like this are called “never events” by hospitals because they are so serious that they should never happen. Yet they happen often enough that hospitals have a name for them.

Birth Injuries

Birth injuries are tragic, heartbreaking events that can lead to a lifetime of challenges for the injury victims and their families. Want more information on birth injuries? Contact Durham Law Group for the best Atlanta medical malpractice lawyer in Georgia.

Diagnosis Mistakes

Diagnosis is a critical step in medical care. Without a prompt and accurate diagnosis, serious injuries are bound to follow. Diagnosis errors include misdiagnosis, missed diagnosis, and delayed diagnoses. These errors frequently involve some of the most serious and life-threatening conditions, such as cancer, heart attack, stroke, sepsis and postoperative infections. When a patient goes without an accurate diagnosis, an otherwise treatable condition can grow and become terminal before it is caught too late.

Vaccination Injuries

Doctors and nurses who administer vaccines negligently can cause unnecessary pain, bruising, infection, or more serious injury by delivering the wrong type of injection or the wrong medicine. Even safe, approved vaccinations that are administered appropriately can cause serious to life-threatening illnesses such as Guillain-Barré Syndrome. Compensation is available in these cases, although it can be difficult to obtain without legal help and tenacity. As newly-developed vaccines come on board to fight COVID-19, our medical malpractice lawyers will be vigilantly watching out for patients harmed by vaccines that were improperly developed or negligently administered. See our page on vaccination injuries for more information.

Atlanta Medical Malpractice Lawyer Working with Qualified Medical Experts

Georgia law requires an “Affidavit of Expert” to be submitted when a medical malpractice lawsuit is filed. This affidavit must provide a specific opinion from a qualified expert that an injury was caused by practice below the standard of care. An expert’s opinion will also be pivotal in any settlement talks or if the case goes to trial. The Atlanta medical malpractice attorneys at Durham Law Group work with qualified medical experts who can deliver an opinion in an easily understandable and compelling fashion. We also work with experts as needed in trial preparation to fully understand all aspects of the case at hand. Armed with the right information and the best evidence, our team is prepared to resolve your case favorably and recover significant compensation for your injuries.

Talk to an Experienced Atlanta Medical Malpractice Attorney After Your Injury

Don’t choose just any medical malpractice firm, choose Durham Law Group if you believe that you or a family member may have been harmed by medical malpractice in an Atlanta hospital, doctor’s office, surgery center, or outpatient clinic, call Durham Law Group at 404-845-3434 for a free and confidential consultation regarding what happened.

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